Solar Eclipocalypse Part 3: Eclipsing

We ended up in Thermopolis, Wyoming for the eclipse. It was a great spot, just far enough in the path of totality to see the total eclipse without being surrounded by other people.

First, we spent a couple hours wandering around the world’s largest hot springs. We didn’t end up swimming in the pools, but we did a little hiking and read about the area.

The eclipse itself was breathtaking. The 360 degree twilight, rapid cooling, and that fiery ring around the moon during the total eclipse made the drive absolutely worth it. We heard a collective gasp from everyone in the park and silence from everything else. 10/10, would highly recommend.

Never one to waste a good road trip, Gordon took us to Cody after the eclipse. We toured the “Smithsonian of the West,” learned all sorts of new things, saw a holographic Buffalo Bill Cody, ate at the hotel he started in the town he named after himself, and watched a strange street play with a lot of fake shooting.

Queen Victoria gave this bar to Buffalo Bill for being awesome

Once we were sure the 30 other people who came to Wyoming for the eclipse were off the roads, we drove home with no problems.

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