West Desert Road Trip

Yesterday’s road trip post got you as far Stinky Springs, but if you’ve made it that far you really ought to check out the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Because we grew up in Utah, the transcontinental railroad featured heavily in our history classes. Plus, Gordon loves trains. So here are some more stops on your road trip out to Utah’s west desert: Continue reading


Road Trip to Stinky Springs

Gordon is the best at road trips. We’ve seen so many weird and awesome things in and around Utah  because he has a knack for finding or stumbling on cool stuff. I wrote an article for Utah Stories magazine a few months ago on some of our favorite road trips through Northern Utah, but since we recently dragged my little brother and his wife to Stinky Springs, I figured I’d give a few more details here. Continue reading

Apple Cider Press

Visiting my grandmother in the fall always meant picking apples from her backyard orchard and drinking apple cider. Now that she’s gone and my parents live in the house, we knew there would be several trees full of apples that needed to be cidered.

I spent a lovely day picking apples with my parents while Gordon built an apple grinder and press. He used these plans from Matthias Wandel for the grinder and designed a small press using a scissor or bottle jack. Continue reading


Happy Election Day (Cake)!

Did you know doing your civic duty can be delicious? Neither did I. But thanks to Gordon’s love of the Reader’s Digest Back to Basics book, we spent election day eating cake. Continue reading


Conference Cabin Weekend

For the past several years, we’ve spent the fall sessions of LDS general conference at Gordon’s family cabin. I love listening to Church leaders in the mountains.

The fall leaves are beautiful, everything smells amazing, the only other noise comes from birds and chipmunks, and no one has cell reception. There are no distractions, and the radio signal comes in loud and clear. If I have anything to say about it, we’ll keep doing this forever.

Of course, there are only eight total hours of conference. That gives us the rest of the weekend to light things on fire, build stuff, shoot targets, and pretend we live in the 1800s. Continue reading


How to Succeed at Dutch Oven Cooking Without Really Trying

Gordon and I both grew up with Dutch oven cooking. Many of my childhood memories include pine trees at a mountain campground, dirty knees, and the smell of chocolate cherry cobbler cooking in a Dutch oven. My mother-in-law cooks almost everything in cast iron. We’ve never been intimidated by Dutch ovens because we spent too much time around them as children. Continue reading


Easy Dutch Oven Barbecue Pork and Rolls

If you want to impress people with your Dutch oven skills without necessarily having skills, this is a great way to go. First, read our basic tips for Dutch oven cooking here. Continue reading